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Bergquist Aluminium pcbŽ˛Metal core pcb

Aluminium pcb ManufacturerĘCHitech Circuits Co., Limited specializing Bergquist Aluminium pcb, metal core board, IMS MPCB, MCPCB, Aluminium based PCB, Led lighting PCB, Copper base board, Al PCB and Iron base PCB in China.

Bergquist Aluminium pcbŽ˛Metal core pcb
Aluminium pcb ManufacturingĘCHitech Circuits specializing Bergquist Aluminium pcb,metal core board, IMS MPCB,Aluminum pcb, MCPCB, Aluminium based PCB, Led lighting PCB, Copper base board, Al PCB in China.
High Density Interconnect PCBŽ˛HDI PCB
HDI PCB ManufacturerĘCHitechpcb specializing High density PCB, High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs) , multi-layer pcb, Mobile main board, High density printed circuit board (PCB) in China.
Aluminum PCB supplier
Metal core PCB ManufacturerĘCHitechpcb focus on multi-layer pcb,Aluminum pcb,IMS MPCB, High density PCB, High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs), heavy copper board, Rigid-flex PCB, quick turn pcb prototype in China.
China pcb manufacturer
China PCB ManufacturerĘCHitechpcb specializing in PCB fabrication, Multilayer pcb, Aluminium PCB,IMS MPCB, Al PCB, Aluminum base pcb, High density PCB, HDI PCB manufacturing, Rigid-flex PCB, PCBA Assembly manufacturing in China.
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Company Profile
Hitech Circuits is a PCB manufacturer in China with a long standing tradition of quality and excellence. Our company focuses on rigid pcb, HDI pcb, flexible pcb and metal core pcb with locally available materials, which are easily within our reach. Not only does this mean that we have a strong hold on the market for raw materials but our research department also has the resources to give you the best available rigid printed circuit board, aluminium PCB, FPCB at a low cost and with a quick turn around pcb time.
The materials used in all our components are strong and have been tested at every phase for quality. That means you get printed circuit circuits that have the best quality. We have the pcb manufacturing capability that takes into account your needs. Whether you own a small establishment or a large one with a need to appoint a China PCB manufacturer who can give you a strong system that will be able to uphold your large power requirements, we are the ones you need to call upon. In case you need to clarify or clear any doubts, be it regarding production, quality or delivery....
Our products

Aluminum PCB
Aluminum PCBŽ˛Metal core PCBŽ˛Aluminium PCB ManufacturerŽ˛IMS MPCB, MCPCBŽ˛Aluminium based PCB assemblyŽ˛LED lighting PCBŽ˛Copper base boardŽ˛Al PCBŽ˛MCPCB supplier

Metal core pcbŽ˛IMS MPCB
Bergquist Aluminium PCB, MBergquist Aluminum PCB,Metal core board,IMS MPCB, Bergquist Aluminium base PCB, Bergquist Aluminium PCB, LED Lighting PCB, Metal Core PCB, MCPCB, MPCB, High thermal conductivity aluminum pcb, aluminium based copper-clad pcb board, Bergquist T-clad Mcpcb, Bergquist Aluminum Clad Laminate PCB

10L Multilayer printed circuit board
Multilayer PCB, PCB manufacturerŽ˛PCB manufacturingŽ˛PCB fabricationŽ˛printed circuit board manufacturingŽ˛PCB supplierŽ˛Quick turn PCB prototpyesŽ˛Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Application:computer

26L Multilayer PCB
Type: 26 Layers Multilayer PCB Laminate: FR4, Tg150 Board thickness: 4.0mm Copper thickness: 17.5um (Hoz) for all layers Solder resist: black color Surface Finish: Immersion gold Trace width/width: 0.15/0.15mm Min. Holes: 0.4mm Controlled Impedance Application: Telecommunication

8L High Density Interconnect PCBs
8layers High density PCB (HDI PCB) Base material: FR4, Tg150 Layer count: 8 layers (HDI PCB) Surface finishing: immersion gold Board thickness: 1.0mm Copper thickness: 0.5oz Minimum line width: 0.075mm Minimum line spacing: 0.075mm Laser drilling + blind and buried drilling Impedance control

10L High Density HDI PCB
Type: 10 Layers HDI PCB with two steps Laminate: FR4, Tg150 Board thickness: 1.6mm Copper thickness: 17.5um (Hoz) for all layers Solder resist: green color Surface Finish: Immersion gold Trace width/width: 0.89/0.1mm Min. holes:0.1mm Controlled Impedance Application: Industry control

Heavy copper PCB, Power pcb
Heavy copper PCB Manufacturer, Hiechpcb specialize in multilayer PCB, Aluminium pcb, heavy copper pcb, power pcb supplier in China for small and Medium-volume Production. The Max.heavy copper thickness can reach 12 Oz--Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited

High Frequency PCB
High Frequency PCBŽ˛Rogers PCB manufacturerŽ˛Telfon PCBŽ˛Arlon PCBŽ˛Copper base PCBŽ˛China PCB manufacturerŽ˛Aluminium PCB Ž˛PCB manufacturingŽ˛Multilalyer PCB Ž˛Aluminum PCBŽ˛Metal core PCBŽ˛High density PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB
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